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In fact,Justin Bieber wants to follow every single fan of his. But it is too hard to do so because of a large number of fans.

You probably notice that there are some accounts without images among whom Justin Bieber followed. Why can’t you be one of them? He will add friends only when he’s available, but not every time. You know, he got so many fans. How do I get Justin Bieber to follow me? Let me tell you something about that.

With millions and millions of followers and fans leaving messages, comments and much more on his personal accounts and on the web every single day, I would say it is pretty damn hard for anyone to notice you.

Well, we all know that it’s impossible for him to check out your name and then find you out to add you. He will probably just see the first few pages and notice the one who left him a large number of messages or the ones he found his interest in. 

Well, how to be one of them? Yeah, the answer is simple, All you gotta do is, make your profile a decent one, and by decent, I mean a genuine one. A lot of fake accounts will not only be ignored but also be reported to the authorities to take action. So, make it simple, make it genuine, leave him a heartfelt message and whatever you can to make him believe you are his biggest fan (In a positive way).

Since a lot of people already do this every day, how can you stand out among them and get noticed? Well, you gotta do what you do during the time he is available/online. So, if you really want to, all you have to do is to seize the right moment, for example, the time when he just updates his twitter, then immediately leave him messages. But I gotta say that it depends on the luck. You’d better keep leaving him messages to attract his attention, maybe you need a luck! But this method is difficult to implement.

And one day, you will be followed by JB. But one last thing I would like to add is, instead of wasting your time following someone, learning about someone/anyone, I would suggest you invest your valuable time on something else that will make you, your family and the country proud. Of course, if your country is proud of you, it isn’t a matter of time before you can meet him personally. Sounds good eh!

Okay, This is just our experience. In fact, it takes time for us to make it. Attention: Suggestions here to help you make Justin Bieber follow you are for reference only. Good luck!

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